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Kevin's Questions: 15 Million Opportunities to Shape the World


Kevin’s Questions is a journey into the repercussions of HIV and AIDS on young people worldwide.There are currently some 15 million children who have become orphaned by AIDS. These children are left to grow up alone, without the guidance and support of their parents. Kevin Sumba is one of these children. 

This biographical novel tells the story of Kevin’s journey, from Nairobi to New York to Bangkok to Sydney – a journey driven by questions. What can Kevin do to protect himself against the disease HIV? What are his rights as an orphan? What is the global community doing in the face of this epidemic? How are local leaders responding? This resource provides teachers and students with a starting point for focused discussions about HIV/ AIDS, global health, human rights and factors that can affect health and access to healthcare.

The accompanying DVD provides a snapshot of Kevin’s experiences when he visited Australia in 2008, while the study kit contains activities that relate to each chapter of the book.


1X Introduction DVD

1X Study Kit which includes the full text of the book, Kevin’s Questions as © approved A4 text that may be easily copied to provide students with class reading sets

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