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Give a Dam! (Barrier methods aren't just condoms!)

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By Kassy Drummond - Local Leader- Melbourne, Agents of YEAH 

Kassy's online blog: 'Sapphic Sex Guide'

So let’s learn about dams

The best way to prevent STI transmission when participating in oral sex on a vulva (or anus) is with the use of a dam (sometimes referred to as a dental dam). Don’t know what they are? That’s ok lot’s of people don’t.

Dams are a thin sheet of latex that act as a barrier between the people performing and receiving the oral sex to prevent fluids passing between partners and passing on infections or other not-so-nice things.

Using them is pretty easy, simply put some (water-based) lube on one side and place it over the vulva. Then do you’re thing. If you are worried about losing sensation due to the dam between you, don’t. The latex is very thin and you should feel things the similarly to the way you would without it, especially with the lube on the vulva side. However if you want to increase the sensation apply lube to both sides of the dam, this should make it feel like there’s no dam there at all.

There are a couple of important things to remember when using a dam:

  1. Don’t flip the dam over – If you flip it there is already body fluids on the dam and it kind of defeats the purpose of using it.
  2. If you are changing acts or changing partners, make sure to change your dam.
  3. Make sure to use a water-based lube when using latex dams as other lubes can deteriorate the latex and allow fluids to get through.

Where to find them

The problem with dams is that they aren’t very easy to find. Luckily the YEAH Shop has personal packs of Glyde dams available at low cost. You can also purchase in bulk by placing a custom order via

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